It’s like having an associate at every courthouse, everyday

VortexLegal’s hearing attendance division provides attorneys nationwide who appear at hearings, mediations, depositions and other legal proceedings on behalf of corporate legal departments. Our attorneys attend the voluminous, time consuming, and not-so-substantive matters that cost your organization immeasurable amounts of time and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars a year.

Our attorneys are experienced, vetted, and local, giving you the “home court advantage.” With VortexLegal you can reduce your legal spend. We charge flat rates, not hourly, and don’t charge for travel.

VortexLegal’s network of attorneys allow you to extend your reach without increasing your overhead! Keep your attorneys at the office working on substantive matters and working-up the cases. VortexLegal’s services can cut the cost of routine court appearances by 20-30% or more across your portfolio of cases.

How Companies Save with VortexLegal Hearing Attendance Services:

[su_spoiler title=”Flat Rates” style=”fancy”]

    • Cost per hearing ranges based on type of matter, location and volume
    • Cut costs of routine court appearances by 20-30% or more
    • Use hourly panel counsel for substantive work, not routine matters


[su_spoiler title=”Eliminate Travel Costs” style=”fancy”]

  • Our attorneys are local so there are no travel costs
  • Eliminate mileage reimbursements, use of company cars, and airline and rental car expenses


[su_spoiler title=”Increase Productivity” style=”fancy”]

  • Keep your attorneys in the office working on high value matters
  • Eliminate “windshield time”
  • Save time by integrating your technology with ours
  • Standardized processes will increase efficiency and produce valuable data for analytics


[su_spoiler title=”Improve Time to Resolution” style=”fancy”]

  • The more time your attorneys are in the office, the quicker cases can be resolved


[su_spoiler title=”Zero Startup Costs” style=”fancy”]

  • Just sign up and pay per use!


[su_spoiler title=”Control & Forecast Your Budget” style=”fancy”]

  • Well-scoped budgets can be met with effective project management


[su_spoiler title=”Real-Time Analytics” style=”fancy”]

  • Track and measure KPI’s, results, and your legal spend!
  • Custom, advanced, dynamic reporting capabilities are available


[su_spoiler title=”An Enterprise Solution” style=”fancy”]

  • One vendor, nationwide service
  • Secure IT platform
  • Simplified accounting


[su_spoiler title=”Our Team & Attorneys” style=”fancy”]

  • Live Customer Support
  • Attorney owned and operated
  • Nationwide network of experienced and vetted attorneys
  • Local attorneys specializing in all practice areas

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The ACC Value Challange: We Accept!

The ACC Value Challenge is an initiative to reconnect the value and the cost of legal services. We are proud to be part of the solution that enhances the value of your legal service spending. Together with your law firm partners, we can reduce your company’s legal costs.

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