VortexLegal is a staffing and recruiting firm and also manages a curated network of attorneys throughout the United States who attend routine, predictable and voluminous hearings and other legal proceedings on behalf of other lawyers, law firms and corporate legal departments.

Our services are ideal for certain jurisdictions that are hearing intensive, hearings that require travel (we don’t charge for travel) and for particular practice areas like small claims cases, landlord-tenant, evictions, foreclosure and collection actions. We’ve also handled Workers Compensation matters and hearings before state health agencies, code violation boards etc.

We’ve handled over 350,000 hearings thoughout the country, saving our clients millions of dollars on hourly fees, travel expenses, and windshield time. Imagine what you, and your attorneys, could accomplish with all that recaptured time.

We helped one of our clients save over $500,000 in a twelve-month period, which allowed them to set depositions on average 72 days sooner, and completed 35% more depositions than the same period the prior year.

Curious how this could impact your bottom line and improve your KPIs? Review your data for routine court appearances and see what you spend a year and compare it to our  flat rates!

Relevant billing codes may include:
L230          E109
L450          E110
E112         A109

Things to consider: hard costs (billable hours), travel expenses, time spent out of the office, cycle time, and headcount (could you do the same or more with less staff?)

If you like, our analytics team can do the analysis for you. We’re happy to sign an NDA and review the data and provide you with the results and likely savings outcome.

We are attorney owned and operated by Jonathan L. Broder, a Florida licensed attorney.  Meet our team.

VortexLegal is a proud and active member of the American Legal & Financial Network, Mortgage Bankers Association, Association of Corporate CounselBroward County Bar Association, and Florida Association for Women Lawyers.

American Legal & Financial Network Mortgage Bankers Association Broward County Bar Association Florida Association for Women Lawyers


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