VortexLegal is owned by Jonathan Broder, an attorney licensed in Florida. Jon has been a recruiter since 2007 as well as CEO of a legaltech company.


Law firms and corporate legal departments rely on VortexLegal to identify great talent! And working with VortexLegal is 100% confidential.


The team at VortexLegal takes a consultaive approach. We will take the time to get to know you and understand your needs and long-term career goals.

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VortexLegal prides itself on our professionalism and commitment to excellence

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The legal hiring market remains hot. Salaries continue to rise and firms are going above and beyond to attract, and in some instances, retain their top talent.


VortexLegal itself is a diverse employer and we believe strongly that our differences make us stronger. We are committed to helping our clients create and maintain a healthy, diverse workplace.

Solid first impressions count! Your resume should be a concise, accurate representation of your background and experience. And your interview is your opportunity to tell your “story”!

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Here are some free resources including a business plan template and a typical questionnaire a law firm would ask you to complete in preparation for making a move.


Jon and his team are the best and truly care.

I’ve received calls from recruiters for years, but there was something different about the way Jon and his team handled things. I felt comfortable with them almost immediately. And they proved to be very knowledgeable, sincere, and helpful.

They really are professional and a pleasure to work with!

                                    Michael H. – New York, NY

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