“Tell me about yourself”

is a perfectly designed trap for the unprepared.

While it serves as an ice-breaker, it also “throws the ball” into your court. How you reply when you get tossed this proverbial “hot potato” tells the interviewer a lot about you!

Do you fumble it? Do you pick it up and run? And, importantly, do you talk about your personal or professional self in a succinct, organized manner?
While there’s nothing wrong with starting with a bit of personal background information, remember this isn’t a date.

So, tell them where you grew up, where you went to college and law school and something interesting about you personally. Then dive into your career experience.

Show your communications skills and ask “Can you tell me about this role, and most importantly, what need you’re trying to fill with this position?”
This shows you can speak with a client and be solution oriented. Once you know what they are looking for, share your experience that is relevant and “solves” their needs.

If you do this, and exude a positive, professional, and approachable demeanor, you will greatly increase your chances of landing the job!