Unless you are getting an LL.M. in tax, my short answer is: probably not.

LL.M. are expensive, time consuming and offer no guarantee of a job.

They are often used in an effort to transition from one practice area to another. In fact, I considered doing this myself when I practiced law. I was doing securities litigation and wanted to do corporate M&A and transactional work. I applied to and was admitted to Georgetown University’s Securities Regulation program.

I looked up a number of alumni’s profiles on LinkedIn and noticed that they didn’t have the jobs I was hoping I would get once I obtained my LLM. So I decided not to pursue it.

Maybe I was right. Maybe I was wrong. But I suggest you do the same…look on LinkedIn and see what others with that LL.M. are doing.

Of course, there are other considerations and reasons to get an LL.M.

But I believe the only valuable LL.M. is an LL.M. in tax.