You have questions. wE have answers.

VortexLegal is a boutique legal recruiting firm that specializes in placing attorneys at law firms and corporate legal departments throughout the US.

What is the job?

Sourcing candidates. We have over 75 job openings at any given time. We need help finding and sourcing more attorneys ie: “candidates” to fill these positions.

Who can work with VortexLegal?

Anyone! You do not have to have prior recruiting experience, nor do you need prior legal knowledge or experience! Anyone can be successful with us!

You must be a US or Canadian citizen or be eligible to work in the US or Canada.

What’s are the job duties?

You can either be a Recruiting Coordinator or Recruiting Specialist.

Everyone starts as a Recruiting Coordinator and your main responsibility is acquiring new candidates and setting them up for an interview with one of our Recruiting Managers.

Recruiting Specialists acquire new candidates and conduct the interview themselves without the need or follow-up of the Recruiting Manager. The Recruiting Specialist also gets all supporting documents like resumes and transcripts, and writes the Candidate Summary (“MPC”).

How am I compensated?

Recruiting Coordinators (RC) are paid 5% of the total fee. Recruiting Specialists (RS) are paid 15% of the total fee.

For example, if the total fee is $40,000 then the RC gets $2,000 and the RS gets $6,000.

All positions are commission-only ie: no draw or salary.

Are leads provided?

You are provided with access to our CRM and given exclusive leads to work by calling, emailing, texting, and connecting with on social media. You are also provided with a branded VortexLegal email address.

We do not provide LinkedIn premium subscriptions.

Who are your clients? What are the fees?

We work with law firms and corporate legal departments throughout the US. Our fees range from 20-25% of the first year starting salary. We only place attorneys, not legal assistants or paralegals.

Your focus is on finding candidates with the requisite background and experience. You will submit your candidates on our portal to your Team Leader (Recruiting Manager) who will further vette the candidate and submit them to our client(s).

When do I get paid?

You get paid when the client pays Vortex, subject to the client’s individual guarantee period. You will usually get a portion of the commission within 30 days and the balance within 90 days of the candidate’s start date.

Are there any fee to join?

No. We do not charge any fees to join our recruiter network.

Can I do this part-time or is this a full-time job?

You can spend as much or as little time and effort as you want sourcing candidates for VortexLegal. It’s 100% flexible!