Law firms throughout the country use VortexLegal’s network of attorneys to attend hearings on their behalf and private investigators. (Look for additional services soon!)

Use VL’s hearing attendance services to increase productivity by keeping your attorneys in the office working on high value matters.

Save 10-15% on Private Investigation services using VortexLegal. Our platform enables you to hire the best PI’s directly. You can hire a small PI firm who is local and because they are on our platform, they are also “compliant.”


The Benefits:

[su_spoiler title=”Be More Productive” style=”fancy”]

  • Easy to use online system with one point of contact for all of your needs
  • Save time!  We will find and confirm with the local service provider for you
  • Eliminate travel costs

[su_spoiler title=”Simplified Accounting” style=”fancy”]

  • Eliminate multiple vendors
  • Standardized rates
  • Simplify accounting by getting just one invoice
  • We take care of payroll and end of year IRS  tax reporting


[su_spoiler title=”Innovative Technology” style=”fancy”]

  • Industry leading compliance and IT security
  • Amazon Web Services infrastructure – learn more here
  • “Audit-Ready” Compliance – learn more here
  • Integrate your case management system with ours


[su_spoiler title=”24 Hour Results” style=”fancy”]

  • Automated reminders for local service providers
  • Standardized results form


[su_spoiler title=”Business Analytics” style=”fancy”]

  • Business intelligence reports and analytics provide insightful reports
  • Measure and manage key performance indicators
  • Custom, advanced, dynamic reporting capabilities are available

Learn more about our Business Analytics.


[su_spoiler title=”Our Team & Attorneys” style=”fancy”]

  • Live Customer Support
  • Attorney owned and operated
  • Nationwide network of experienced and vetted local service providers

Learn more about our Attorneys.

All you have to do is make a reservation online, we’ll confirm with the local service provider, and submit the results to you within 24 hours.

And, don’t worry, nothing will get “lost in translation.” You can speak with our local service provider directly and will provide them with detailed instructions and information so they are fully prepared to take care of your matter.

It truly is like Uber and Expedia for legal services! 


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Questions?  View our FAQ’s or contact us directly at (877) 670-6776.