How It Works

VortexLegal provides local contractors who handle matters for our clients.

You can make a reservation at anytime through our secure website.

Our system is easy to use, just follow these steps: 

1.  Reserve

Create a free account and make a reservation online through our secure website. Simply provide us detailed information about your needs, desired outcome, and upload all documents that will be needed.


2.  Assign

Once your reservation is placed, your matter will automatically be assigned to the ideal contractor based on our compliance requirements and preferences. You will receive an email as soon as the local contractor confirms the matter, which includes their contact information so you can speak with them directly.


3.  Preparation

Your assigned contractor prepares based on your instructions and reviews the documents you’ve provided. If no documents have been uploaded for the reservation, you will receive a notification before the hearing requesting that you upload documents. We will also schedule a conference call for you free of charge with the contractor if requested. Each evening, the contractor receives a reminder of their matters for the next day.


4.  Performance

The contractor will handle your matter as instructed.


5.  Results

Upon completion of the matter, you will receive detailed results from the contractor. All information is emailed directly to you and always accessible in your account online. You may also rate the contractor and results to improve future outcomes.


Questions?  Contact us! Our team is happy to assist you!  You can also view our FAQ.

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